Getting Results.

Raising The Standard Of Chiropractic Care.

Getting Results.

Raising The Standard Of Chiropractic Care.

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Reliable Wellness Care with Compassion and Respect

Pregnancy Care


Consistent care during pregnancy can provide mom’s with a shorter delivery, less pain and discomfort, shorter and less frequent colds.

Chiropractic Care


Corrective care focuses on “fixing” the issue not “patching” it. We dive deep into long term affects and preventative measures.



Massage is the perfect companion in achieving correction and enhancing long term benefits, with faster results.  

Pediatric Care


Adjusting a newborn right after birth is easy, safe and harmless. As children grow, they have many falls and injuries that seem minor but have a huge impact in their adult life.

Car, Sports & Work Injury


Injuries often prevent you from being able to work and provide for your family or do the things you love doing. We work hard to make your down time minimal and focus on preventing future issues.

Supplemental Guidance


Supplements are the key to health and healing from nutrition that your body may be low on due to diet, weather and other activities. Supplements boost your ability to heal and function. Care you can do at home.

Why We Do What We Do

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough: we must apply. Being willing is not enough: we must do.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

“Too many times I have come across research that taught me what I should be doing and I just sat there with no sincere follow up, or I would act but my drive would fade. Then I found something that just “clicked”. All the elements that push me in a direction of action, were there. I pursued this knowledge with vigor and in doing so, my eyes were opened to “what can be” when we are able to function with out anything structurally blocking us from doing so. I saw miracles both in my own family and circle of friends, and others on the other side of the world. Miracles from simple adjustments. I saw life become possible when the medical field had shut that door of possibility. I saw people find joy and meaning in their life again because they weren’t bogged down after decades, with pain.  I saw kids that could communicate and interact that were immobile before. I could no longer sit back and do nothing. I had to act. I had to help. I had to do. Every morning I know I am going to be serving the people who took that step and wanted to make changes. I love what I do and I love the people I do it with. ”

Dr. Daniel Long D.C.

Ready To Get Results.

Raising the Standard of Chiropractic Care

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