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Our Care to share campaign is your opportunity to share with everyone, your experience with chiropractic care and how you have benefited from it, through social media reviews and referrals. You can share information about the care you received and how it made you feel. Share your appreciations of the doctor or staff. Tell others your goals of your future care from the knowledge you gained while receiving care. The main goal is just to share with those you know. Besides, who doesn’t love sharing with someone, advice or experiences we have?

Get on social media platforms Yelp, Google, and Facebook to share a review of our office, your experiences here. Then share with a friend, family member, co-worker or people you wait in line at the grocery store with while you are checking out. Tell them about how amazing you feel. Your experiences need to be heard and will help others to find their relief. You have the power here to build up your community and make someone’s life better by sharing your experiences of chiropractic with them. Do it now!

From now, until February 14th, we will be giving out raffle tickets. Each social media review you do, gets you one ticket. Each friend you refer into our clinic that goes through a report of findings, before the 14th, gets you two tickets. On the day of the 14th we will share the love and draw one winner for a prize.


Care to Share Campaign Rules:

  1. Social media reviews must be posted by 8 A.M. February 14th PST to be recognized for the raffle.
  2. You must be an active patient receiving care, to get your name entered into the drawing. Any referral patients that comes in and agrees to a care plan of some sort can also be entered into the drawing with their participation.
  3. No cussing or swearing is allowed when leaving social media reviews.
  1. Current patients that have already submitted reviews will be counted and can still participate in the referral process.
  2. All report of findings appointments and care plan agreements, need to be completed by the 13th.
  3. Contact us for any further questions.

Social Media Reviews:

Facebook page-

Google review page- (Click on the social media button on our patient portal page)

Yelp Page-

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