Life Advancement Class

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Your future and  Life Advancement are our priority!

Life needs growth and we attempt to provide a Life Advancement Class for you as well. We want you to set your self up for success today and an even better tomorrow. Sure, we work a lot with your spine in the now, for health for your future, however, there are other aspects to your life and future wellness we expand on. We provide these Life Advancement classes to advance and enhance your life. Everyone has room to grow and everyone wants to succeed. 

We started out the new year with a new time availability for you. There are lunch time and evening classes so that we can better accommodate your time restrictions. Come on your lunch break with a co-worker, or come after work with a family member. We want you to share this experience with someone you care about as well. 

As a new patient, we request you participate in one chiropractic themed class so that you can better learn how to maximize your care and keep the positive changes for your future, long beyond your care in our clinic. We are all about providing you with keys to make a brighter and better future. 

Everyone is welcome, patient or not, we want to share our messages with our community to create a brighter future for us all. We highly encourage you attend more than one class, as the topics of each class do change. 

Topics range from eating right and meal planning to financial growth and preparation, clean lifestyles, workouts, future planning for family and loved ones, we do it all. 

If you would like to learn more, please submit a request and we will email you with more information. Here you can also see more details of each event we have here at our clinic. 


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