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Level sleep will become your best friend for a great night’s sleep. Have you laid in your bed and thought, “I hurt”, or “I just don’t feel comfortable”? Having experienced these thoughts and feelings myself, I have always been interested in what else can be done to make sleeping more enjoyable.

Hold up, sleeping can be enjoyable? I have always loved sleep and curling up with warm blankets, but when you don’t have a mattress that provides more than a spring support frame, it’s hard to enjoy that sleep. The search is over my friend. I found your bed. If you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or something in between, you will always have support in all the right places to keep that curve your neck and back desire.

Sleeping and feeling like my body is melting into a cloud and feeling like I can truly relax is my dream. A few years back I was at a conference with my mom and husband. While there I came across a few vendors that were selling mattresses and pillows to better support you. Of course I jumped on testing these out and rolling back and forth to see just how comfortable I could get. They all were enjoyable, I fell in love with just one.

I fell in love, first with the mattress. There were doubts when I found out that there were three support sections; thinking that those might come lose with time and just dig into my side or that it would be too stiff for my liking. Sitting down on it, I enjoyed the fluffy foam of the bottom portion. Then I laid down on my side like I do every time I go to sleep and noticed something. My ribs didn’t feel like they were caving in and being smashed. Instead I felt like I was being lifted up and could breathe easily. Next, on my back noticing I had more support in my shoulders then my neck and didn’t feel like my head was sticking straight out. Again, I rolled over onto my side again and felt as my hips were not screaming at me.

Next they said, “try the pillow” I said “yes, please!”. My neck laid softly on the round curve. My chin then followed and gently graced the surface. My ears followed. You guys, I have super sensitive ears and so this was a big moment for me. Could I finally lay down and not feel like I was being bent in one way or another? Yes! Laying there, taking inventory my shoulders were below my ears and not parallel. They could sink into the mattress and my neck was still supported. Then my back, which normally is aching after about ten minutes on my regular mattress, was feeling a gentle firmness. My hips could sink into the foam like a knife to soft butter. It felt like I was in heaven and could finally get the rest I so longed for.

In that moment, I wanted to walk home with a mattress in hand, and would have if they had one for me to do so. Embarrassed to admit it, but I spent the next month dreaming about this mattress every time I laid down. This company doesn’t just sell the mattress. They sell quality, the stitching is solid and the fabric coverings are soft and smooth. Pure quality is all you will find.

Now we have partnered with this company to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. You can sample our mattress when you come in for your adjustments. YOU can have heaven in your home as well. Sleep will not hide from you any longer.

What is Level Sleep?

The best thing in sleeping you will experience. Just go here and see what it’s all about. You can watch other doctors and customers who are in love with the bed just like I am and then you can see the “10 years” of research they have to “back up” the mattress. Here is the research stuff


If you want to start sleeping better, start here with your discount code. We love sleep so much, we had to share with you. Llapchiro

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