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Child Chiropractic Care in Aurburn, Washington

Auburn is now apart of the world wide “Pathways” tribe. A tribe focused on the importance of family and child rearing in the naturalistic lifestyle. Pathways is your tribe. Pathways is here for you! You belong here! Our purpose, is for our children, to provide a way for their innate self to remain as it was intended to be. Deep inside each of us, our innate is talking, but as we grow, that voice gets tuned out and we follow the societal norms. In doing this, forgetting what truly makes us who we are and what we need to live happily. Our tribe in Auburn is not just for following that inner voice, but also provides a safe place, for kids to be kids and parents to have interactions with other adults. Bring a friend, bring their kids and enjoy a little break to just be you for a time. Auburn Pathways Connect can be found on Facebook and we meet once a month. For our online support group and more details join us on Facebook. If you want more information on or to read articles from the US Pathways please check out their page here. Date: TBD

Time: 10:30 a.m.


Life and your daily activities will not remain idle. As a human being, you are beautifully designed to be in motion. Advancement is needed for you to be successful in any attribute of life and you don’t have to do it alone. In our clinic, we firmly believe that there is a balance in today’s actions that lays out our successes for our future goals. If any aspect in our life is out of balance, the stresses can destroy us and harm our progression. Our intent is to provide an opportunity for community to gather and discuss, topics that help build a better tomorrow. Topics we discuss, range from the body, mind, soul and more. All of which work together in providing our daily balance of growth and potential. Life Advancement Classes provide an opportunity to learn, grow and provide for your future. Look to the future and plan to make tomorrow better than today. You may find, you are not where we want to be in life; financially, physically, spiritually, mentally but that doesn’t mean, you should stop searching for progression. You can accomplish your goals, with some help. Physically eating right and exercising can make your body communicate clearly and function at its best potential. There needs to be a connection with your inner self so that you can be aware of your individual needs, to then correctly maintain the mental. Mentally you need to find a place within that can calm and reset, knowing there is a plan in place. All aspects of your life are entangled and make you who you are and how you react to daily life. Included in the topics discussed, is a course for at home care related to Chiropractic which explains how you can maximize the care you do receive, to make it last longer and prevent more injury or illness. Bring someone you would like to share these events with and let’s start now in making tomorrow better. For more information on our classes check our our Life Advancement page. Date: TBD

Time: 11:45 a.m.

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