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Have you ever been in an accident or hurt? Many people who receive “standard” care still are suffering 7+ years later and often it’s gotten way worse. We want to stop the cycle of pain and get you feeling better and out the healthy and doing what you love. We want to provide a special for you today that would normally cost four hundred dollars, for only $99. Today’s special includes:

-Consultation to get an idea of what’s wrong and how did it happen as well as a detailed history of your health to obtain a clear idea of where you are at health-wise.

-Detailed Evaluation

-X-Rays (as needed)

-Report of your findings where we tell you: What is wrong? Whether this is something we can help with or not? Is this something that can be fixed or just patched? How long will it take to get the issue resolved? How much will it cost?

– Your first 2 adjustments towards a better you

Here at Live Long and Prosper Chiropractic we use the most researched technique in chiropractic (Chiropractic Biophysics, idealspine.com) that not only gets you relief right now but also corrects any structural problems that would result in the issue coming back or worsening over time. When you first come into our office we will discuss what pains are bothering you and I’ll let you know what exams will be necessary to find the cause of your pain. Then we will go over your case history to review what has been done for your pain before, and I will conduct a thorough physical exam with X-Rays included, to determine the best treatment plan to get you maximum relief and long-term correction.

After we complete your examination I’ll need some time to analyze all the information from your history, examination and x-rays to determine what it would take to correct the cause of your pain. The following day we will discuss the specific treatments you will need to get rid of your pain and any recommended action steps to getting you the care you need for correction.

It is incredibly important to ensure that you get evaluated after an accident regardless of how you feel or the severity, to ensure that you heal in a proper manner and alignment.

I look forward to helping you live to your maximum potential!

Dr. Daniel Long D.C.

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